Gifted and Talented Policy

Selection for Services 

The District shall systematically collect data on an ongoing basis that will provide the target population of candidates for services. 

Primary students shall be selected and students in grades four through twelve (4-12) shall be identified in accordance with 704 KAR 3:285. 

Once selected as qualifying for Primary Talent Pool services, a primary student need not be re-evaluated, except to determine suitability of services, until the end of the P4 year. 

Once identified as qualifying for gifted education services in grades four through twelve (4-12), a student need not be re-evaluated, except to determine suitability of services. 

At least once each school year, teachers will be provided information concerning the on-going identification process. 

The Gifted-Talented Coordinator shall establish a process for identifying and implementing methods for providing equal access to services to under-represented populations. 


Each school shall provide a differentiated, articulated curriculum in accordance with Kentucky Administrative Regulations. 

Curricular materials shall be those designed to challenge: 

  1. The talent pool participant (P-P4) while focusing on continuous progress; and 

  2. The formally identified gifted learner (grades 4-12) and further develop the diagnosed talent and/or area of giftedness. 

Service options for the formally identified gifted learner (grades 4-12) shall be described in the gifted and talented student services plan (GSSP), shall match the learner's needs, interests, and abilities, and shall be qualitatively differentiated from those provided in the standard curriculum. 


The District shall submit an application to the state in which seventy-five percent (75%) of the state funds for gifted education shall be used in the category of personnel, including salary, for those who primarily provide direct instructional services to students identified as demonstrating gifted and talented behaviors and characteristics. These teachers shall work directly with Primary Talent Pool or formally identified students, for at least one-half (1/2) of the regular school day in a classroom made up only of properly identified gifted students. These teachers must hold an appropriate certificate of endorsement for gifted education or an official approval. 

Funding for any services beyond the state allocation shall be from school allocations as determined in the District budget. 

Program Evaluation 

Performance data shall be collected by the Gifted-Talented Coordinator as directed by administrative regulation for annual submission to the Kentucky Department of Education. 

Each year the Gifted-Talented Coordinator shall be responsible for collecting data required for the annual report and submitting it to the Superintendent for his/her information prior to forwarding it to the Kentucky Department of Education. School data shall be signed by the Principal/Council Chair. 

Procedural Safeguards and Grievances 

Parents and/or students (Grades P12) may petition for identification or may appeal nonidentification or appropriateness of services. 

  1. The appealing party shall submit in writing to the Gifted-Talented Coordinator specifically why s/he believes that screening results are not accurate or talent pool services or service options in the gifted and talented student services plan are not appropriate and why an exception should be made or reconsideration given. 

  1. The Gifted-Talented Coordinator shall compile student data and present that along with the petition or appeal to the Selection/Placement Committee. The information presented shall include a recommendation accompanied by available substantiating evidence. 

  1. The Committee shall hear appeals, make a recommendation, and respond in writing to the appealing party within ten (10) working days of receipt of the appeal and accompanying information. If the appeal concerns the non-availability of appropriate service options, the Committee shall consult with the school council. 

If the Committee rules in favor of the grievant, the following option shall apply as appropriate: 

  1. S/he may participate in the program as soon as the parent or guardian signs the required permission form. 

  2. A change in either the gifted and talented student services plan or provision of services shall be made in a timely manner. 

  3. If the Committee rules against the grievant, a further written appeal may be made to the Superintendent, who must respond in writing within ten (10) working days of receipt of the appeal. 

  4. Should the Superintendent uphold the decision of the Selection/Placement Committee, the appealing party may petition the Board, which will have the final decision in the case. The Board shall make a determination at the next regular meeting following receipt of the appeal. 



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